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Zuzana Gets a Job

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Zuzana applies for a job, and she is initially rejected. But the HR manager suggests that if she takes her clothes off he might find an opening for her (in her is what he’s really thinking).

Zuzana knows what he means. She complies and is hired on the spot. Her job is to always be naked, which markedly reduced absenteeism and as prospective clients are brought into the office, sales increas dramatically.

Zuzana meets with the VP of finance and negotiates for a high salary. It’s not as high as she wanted, but numerous and frequent fringe benefits are forthcoming.

Zuzana is introduced to her coworkers at a company meeting. After the meeting she is encouraged to get drunk after which she is manhandled. She doesn’t mind.

Zuzana’s gay coworker is amused by her nakedness. He imagines what it would be like to fuck a woman, but it’s only idle speculation. He thinks of his boyfriend waiting for him at home.

Zuzana brings her sister to work. She applies for a job too, and is hired too, as the HR manager almost came in his clothing, especially when he noticed the crease of her vulva almost hidden by her frilly panties.

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